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Booking cancellation insurance


No captain plans for their trip to be cancelled or interrupted. But sudden accidents, illness or travel restrictions do occur. Cancellation insurance helps you stay in control during unexpected situations.

In case your booking is cancelled or interrupted for covered reason, you are guaranteed to receive reimbursement of your booking costs. By picking the booking cancellation insurance, you can be confident that your sailing experience is well protected.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of cancellation insurance is 5% of the total booking price (charter + compulsory extras). 

How does it work?

Let’s say you rent a sloop Bavaria 37 with the cost of 1 500 € plus 180  compulsory extras and refundable security deposit of 1 500 €. 


  • Booking cancellation insurance will cost you 84 €  = (1 500 + 180) / 100 * 5. 

"Closed borders and travel restrictions cost me 2,500 EUR. I will never risk that again."

Peter, a skipper without insurance

How to get insured?

Select your boat


Choose a boat from our offer. Be it a sleek sloop, catamaran, or a motor yacht, we provide insurance for all.

Insurance Offer


Our booking sailor will contact you and offer an insurance calculation for your charter booking.



Pay insurance policy together with your charter booking. The insurance comes into effect immediately after the purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our partner and documentation

Our credible partner makes sure you set sail fully insured. 


Please read the complete documentation thoroughly.

What to do in case of an insurance claim?

If you or a crew member are unable to participate due to an unforeseeable event, contact us as soon as possible via the phone number or our chat box.  

Got more questions?

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